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Meet Ben

A 3rd generation proprietor of his family’s farm, Ben blends entrepreneurism, modern farming, creative design, and technology into his projects both on and off the farm.  Preferring an ATV ride to sitting in commuter traffic, Ben embodies the Litchfield County rural entrepreneur lifestyle.


Say Hi to Sarah

A country girl who works at a city-girl’s pace, Sarah’s a born planner passionate about tackling big projects and improving experiences. Despite her title at any given moment, Sarah wears many hats. Her strengths in operations and communications have led her from television production to starting her own successful floral design business, and ultimately to help launch the events business at The White Barn at South Farms.




A transplant to New England who will never live anywhere else, Jennifer worked in interior design and textile sales for over twenty years before pivoting to events sales and planning. A foodie and consummate host in her personal life, she loves making sure people feel comfortable and well taken care of. Jennifer's warm style and knack for hospitality shine through in her hands on approach to working with clients. 



A Litchfield County native, Samantha is no stranger to agriculture. After obtaining a degree in dairy science, she began her career in high-end dairy product production, eventually switching gears to develop her skills as an operations director in the wedding industry. Having found her niche in event planning, Samantha is delighted to bring her passion to South Farms. With a knack for efficiency and logistics, Samantha delivers high-quality customer service with a fresh and forward energy.

Some of the other faces you'll see around the farm...

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